The “new normal” is based on principles that apply to every person on set and every stills and video production situation. These principles are the foundation of how I will move forward and will remain in place until such time as the medical authorities deem it otherwise safe. 

This is how we will move forward:

  • Only get together in small groups of around 2 - 10 people and keep physical distance as much as possible. 
  • Stay home and away from others if you have cold or flu symptoms.
  • No handshaking or hugs. 
  • Practice good hygiene, e.g., regular hand washing, hand sanitizer, avoiding touching your face, covering coughs and sneezes, disinfect frequently touched surfaces. 
  • Keep physical distancing, as much as possible, when on set; and 
  • Where not possible, consider using a non-medical mask or face covering. 

Selecting protocols for the set / workplace.

Note that different protocols offer different protection. Wherever possible, use the protocols that offer the highest level of protection and add additional protocols as required.

First level protection (elimination): Limit the number of people in your workplace where possible by implementing work-from-home arrangements, establishing occupancy limits, rescheduling work tasks, or other means. Rearrange work spaces to ensure that workers are at least 2 m (6 ft) from co-workers, customers, and members of the public.

Second level protection (engineering controls): If you can’t always maintain physical distancing, install barriers such as plexiglass to separate people.

Third level protection (administrative controls): Establish rules and guidelines, such as cleaning protocols, telling workers to not share tools, or implementing one-way doors or walkways.

Fourth level protection (PPE): If the first three levels of protection aren’t enough to control the risk, consider the use of masks. Ensure masks are selected and cared for appropriately and that workers are using masks correctly.

Physical Space

  • No amenities such as refreshments and magazines; 
  • Reorganization of reception area and common spaces to adhere to social distancing guidelines; and 
  • Distance between workstations.

Congestion Management

  • Additional booking time to allow for sanitation between appointments; 
  • No guest accompaniment permitted; 
  • No walk-ins permitted; and 
  • Client and staff schedule staggering.

PPE Makeup and Hair Services

  • The use of masks and gloves for both staff and clients;
  • Freshly laundered or new disposable gowns and capes for makeup and hair service for clients; and
  • Ongoing disinfection of all work surfaces and tools.

Protocols Specific to COVID-19

  • All staff and independent contractors to be competent in up-to-date prevention protocol relevant to provincial guidelines;
  • Guidelines for appropriate and approved cleaning agents;
  • Health questionnaire for both clients and staff if required; and
  • Standardized disinfection of surfaces and tools.